Self Care

Sleep in once a week, paint your nails dark red

lay around in bed for a few hours

(just a few, not all day like you used to)


brush your teeth, for God’s sake, moisturize,

witch hazel, eucalyptus, coconut oil,

take your time to shower & shave (or don’t,
doesn’t really matter to me, but why does every

personal choice a “female bodied” person make

[especially with their bodies] have to be so politicized?)
lay outside, not for long, just long enough

(just until you feel guilty for having the day off)

smile in the face of the sun shutting your eyelids


(think about your ex) stop thinking about your ex

clean your room, clean your car

take the trash out of your life/thoughts


drink water, water your plants, make a smoothie and eat something,

anything you can manage, just a gentle reminder

you don’t deserve to go hungry (no one does)


go on a hike where your feet feel most at home,

take pictures, unapologetically attempt to capture

what can’t be captured, chasing dragonflies,


boots caked in familiar mud, stacking stones high,

the bunnies are afraid of you, the deer are afraid of you,

even the mountain lion is afraid of you
your place of peace, golden serenity,

sundown clarity, has always been within you,

but sometimes you gotta be there to remember that


you have eternal power & strength

even on the weak days, don’t let a Monday get in your way

(of sensing that greatness both surrounds & encompasses you).


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