Seven Energy Centers

I. I’m object to materialism—

I don’t believe in buying Om signs 

to hang on doors or bedroom walls—

the Om lies in the center of your throat:

A vocalization of home

I don’t want to fall victim to desire 

of the physical persuasion

I desire good conversation:

A synchronistic interaction of galaxies

but craving humanity can be risky—

the risk of transforming people into objects
So I try not to function on the level of wants & needs

but maybe thats not fair to the child within me

I couldn’t stop laughing for no reason after the meditation—
fire, fire, fire, 

circle the smoke around spirals 

up to the star realm

time runs like molasses 

into the molecules of midnight hikes

climbing up rocky hillsides to flat sitting stones & a view, the light of the moon 

glowing: an indigo iridescence

bless us with silence revealing nocturnal noises:

frogs and running water—

a reminder of life existing within us, around us—

a reminder that energy never dies
all this presents itself to us persistently

while we discuss disassociation 

& out of body experiences

boundaries of dichotomies

wash away with rivers & creeks:
a continuous flow of life afterlife—


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