the thaw is clawing at your jaw down a four foot drop (sounds shallow but you weren’t there) didn’t hear the groans, didn’t see the scarlet splatter, or concrete angular walls jutting out, gunmetal gray and sea foam slate bunker landscapes, reminding you that many pieces of history are hazardous, mainly because this history is […]

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sunshine and water are obvious necessities for flower growth—but we often neglect to mention the very first step: their roots must be planted firmly down in the ground—security found in the soil of it all—life giving life—darkness, then, is not negative after all: darkness is nourishment—a prerequisite for reaching the light—so if life has got […]

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from darkness into light. from hatred into sight. 
years and years pass on, but mornings are still my favorite.i haven’t always been a fan of new beginnings. a friend of mine was murdered in our own hometown at fifteen years old in January. golden yellow hilltop hair, shining smile, sunny sky eyes glistening full of […]

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heal up

i need to stop thinking that being so open will heal me—not because vulnerability will be the death of me but because sometimes when you cut yourself so deep you need to sew yourself back up before you let the world touch your scar—cleanse yourself of the blood with your own truth—it might sting a […]

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6 Things to Tell Yourself in 2016

6 Things to Tell Yourself in 2016 1. love yourself when loving yourself sounds most impossible—make this your superpower. 2. know nothing you put your full heart & soul into is ever impossible—if you aren’t putting your full heart & soul into something know you deserve better and that better is out there somewhere. 3. […]

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