Women of the Trees Facebook Page: A Call for Support & Unison of Fellow Writers!

Women of the Trees: A relfection on (inter)personal healing Introducing my passion project, Women of the Trees. This book will be a collection of poetry produced by myself & a close friend under the penname Anaïs Sunray. With the help of your support, this book will become a reality! Topics that will be discussed and […]


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Seven Energy Centers

I. I’m object to materialism— I don’t believe in buying Om signs  to hang on doors or bedroom walls— the Om lies in the center of your throat: A vocalization of home II.  I don’t want to fall victim to desire  of the physical persuasion I desire good conversation: A synchronistic interaction of galaxies III.  but […]

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Forked Tongue Frequencies

  I think to say salud pero ‘bless you’ leaves my lips   (too well trained I guess)   I go up to registers at taquerias hesitation in my throat: jittering lingering in my fingers   (sorry, my tongues are all tied up today)   sometimes I speak Spanish & it’s offensive but sometimes                         […]

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obvious strength

  there are now machines that can replicate the pain felt during menstruation. i saw a video clip of some grown men writhing in pain from the simulation. crying in bed like newborns, screeching their lungs out, on the verge of clawing their eyes out. they’re catching a small glimpse of the pain we survive […]

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Self Care

Sleep in once a week, paint your nails dark red lay around in bed for a few hours (just a few, not all day like you used to)   brush your teeth, for God’s sake, moisturize, witch hazel, eucalyptus, coconut oil, take your time to shower & shave (or don’t, doesn’t really matter to me, […]

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the thaw is clawing at your jaw down a four foot drop (sounds shallow but you weren’t there) didn’t hear the groans, didn’t see the scarlet splatter, or concrete angular walls jutting out, gunmetal gray and sea foam slate bunker landscapes, reminding you that many pieces of history are hazardous, mainly because this history is […]

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sunshine and water are obvious necessities for flower growth—but we often neglect to mention the very first step: their roots must be planted firmly down in the ground—security found in the soil of it all—life giving life—darkness, then, is not negative after all: darkness is nourishment—a prerequisite for reaching the light—so if life has got […]

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